Certified Holistic Life Coaching

What is Holistic Life Coaching?

We all need help from time to time navigating through life’s major changes. Whether it’s an empty nest, a move to a new city, or a different career path, big change can be overwhelming.


A wide variety of classes available starting at $25. I invite you to check them out.

You don’t need to figure it out alone.

Get a fresh perspective and develop a game plan with The Serendipitous Soul. 

We use a whole mind, body, and spirit approach to helping you develop clarity and direction as you move through milestones in life. Together we make the spiritual, operational, as you transition into a new phase and move you forward with intention and confidence.


Join Jennifer and a community of like-minded souls in a wide variety of classes focused on inner peace, personal growth, connection, and confidence.


Jennifer has over 30 years experience as a coach. Work with her one-on-one or in a group setting, for a single session or long term coaching.


Jennifer offers a variety of insightful, inspiring, and energizing topics for your next meeting or conference. Powerful speaking engagements tailored to your needs.

Are you in a “WHAT NOW” phase? Have you been wondering “IS THIS ALL THERE IS”?

It’s time to find yourself, reinvent your purpose, and enjoy your life. Jennifer’s Holistic Life Coaching will help you move forward in life, gaining clarity, confidence, and a lot of self love.

About Me

Jennifer is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, a Corporate Speaker, and a Licensed Facilitator for the programs of Danielle LaPorte. 

Behind the fancy credentials, Jennifer is passionate about helping women not just “get through life” but actually enjoy life’s milestones! She is dedicated to moving you forward with peace, intention, and a smile on your face. 

She believes in “making the spiritual operational”, that all the woo in the world doesn’t mean much if you can’t apply it to your everyday life. There is a benefit to being open to new practices, but they have to be practical too. Jennifer helps you find that balance in your own life. 

Jennifer uses her experience as a facilitator, coach, and public speaker to help people get unstuck and confidently make major strides forward. She is an expert in “Super Skills” and amplifying emotional intelligence for personal and professional settings. 

Hire Jennifer for a Super Skills speaking event, join one of her mindfulness and intention classes, or work with her as an expert personal life coach. 

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I have attended a variety of Jennifer’s offerings since I moved to St. Clair Shores and honestly, they have changed my life. From her mini retreats that provide a much needed escape to recover and recuperate from reality for a few hours to more “Self Work” offerings like Self Care Support Group and most recently, a class on burnout, every one has provided me very real advice that I use on a daily basis. It has allowed me to manage my mental health more effectively and the classes and offerings are totally affordable. I highly recommend trying her out to improve the quality of your life for whatever your needs may be.
Jessica Y.

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