We offer a wide variety of classes on mindfulness, coping skills, inner peace, and personal growth. At a range of topics, prices, and times, there is something for everyone at The Serendipitous Soul Studio.

The Serendipitous Soul Studio
27739 Jefferson Avenue – Lower Level
(One Block North of 11 Mile Road – West Side of Jefferson)
St. Clair Shores, MI 48081

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Talkin' to Crazy - Keepin' Your Cool When Things Get Hot!

August 4th | 6:30PM – 8:00PM

Working with the way you perceive things and how you choose to respond is everything. Your entire life begins between your ears. Let’s make it the best! The topic of this class is how to keep your cool when people around you at home, out in public or at the workplace, lose theirs. Coping skills for when the heat is on!


Exploring Your Spiritual Path

August 6th | 6:30PM – 8:00PM

During this class, we’ll be looking at ways to honor, enhance, and truly live out an empowered spiritual life. We’ll be learning about and discussing the various components that help make out a well-rounded spiritual life while learning from one another in the process.

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Focus On - The Healing Power of Gratitude

August 10th | 6:30PM – 8:00PM 

Join us for this BRAND NEW class in a series under the new “Focus On” heading. In this first class, we’ll be diving deep into a subject most of us think we know a lot about but there’s way more to the subject of gratitude than one might imagine.

We’ll be focusing on very specific “arms” of gratitude like self-care and self-compassion, from cultivating the ability to be alone better to transcending the ego’s need to always “want more” and “what’s next.”

A powerful class with a powerful message, especially in these times. Gratitude is the key to finding fulfillment in your life. Let’s spend some quality time, focusing in on it.


Forward Focused - Group Life Coaching - Corona Feels

August 11th | 6:30PM – 8:00PM

I get asked all the time “What’s a life coach do?” So here’s the perfect way to get a taste while connecting and learning from others. In this session, we’ll be focusing on processing emotions that the Coronavirus pandemic has stirred up.

We’ve all experienced loss of some kind and I think most of us may not even know that we’ve been grieving, just that we may feel “off.” Not only will we be offering a place to share, but we’ll bring in a burning ceremony to release things and seal the deal with a resilience meditation.

We’re keeping this event only $10 so you get a feel of life coaching with a reasonable investment. Let’s support and learn from one another!

Flower Power

Flower Power - A Make & Take Floral Remedy Workshop

August 20th | 6:30PM – 8:00PM 

In this workshop, we’ll begin by learning all about floral remedies, how they began, what they can offer us, and how to best incorporate them into your daily life.

Then through various modalities, the second half of our workshop will have us working on finding out exactly what mixture or “bouquet” would serve you best and here’s the fun part…you’ll then blend your custom remedy as part of the workshop and take the 100+ day supply home with you!

I hope you can join us for this fun, distanced, and unique offering!

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Rest Ethic - Creating Balance With Healthy Boundaries

August 17th | 6:30PM – 8:00PM

Welcome to this BRAND NEW class, designed by student demand! We’ve all heard of the goodness that comes from possessing a good “work ethic” but I recently learned the phrase “rest ethic” and we’re going to discuss ways to build a healthy balance in your life without tipping too far one way or the other. In an effort to be balanced we may swing too far to one end of the spectrum (neglect) to the other (excess) so let’s talk about what we can do to hit that “sweet spot” and linger there a little bit longer.

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Let That Sh$% Go! - Navigating The Drama Triangle

August 18th | 6:30PM – 8:00PM 

Tired of drama in your life? Do you always seem to be caught up in it? During this class, we will share what “The Drama Triangle” is so you may have a better understanding of yourself and the people around you.

Want more peace? Then isn’t it time to let THAT sh$% go?


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