With over 19 years experience speaking in intimate groups, large corporate events, and even commencement ceremonies, Jennifer offers your group or organization a variety of insightful, inspiring, and energetic topics for your next event.

Super Skills Speaking Events

What are Super Skills?

You may know them as “soft skills”, but they are actually the superpowers that everyone has inside. No need for a radioactive spider bite or a batcave to activate Super Skills, just some focus and intention to develop them in yourself, your peers, and your employees.

Super Skills Speaking Topics

Names Can Be Changed to Fit Your Need

Mindful Listening (Becoming a Good Listener)

“Research shows that 10 percent of the population knows how to listen effectively, while others are distracted by technology and their own thoughts.”

Source: psychologytoday.com

Super charge your Communication Super Skills in this dynamic eye (and ear) opening speaking event. Jennifer will walk your group through not only what good listening is but how they can be more effective communicators in the workplace and in their personal lives.

Bye Bye Procrastination!

“You are not a procrastinator, you have a habit of procrastinating”  Mel Robbins – Author “The 5 Second Rule”

In this Mel Robbins-inspired speaking engagement, Jennifer gives your group the tools they need to understand why they procrastinate and what they can do to close the gap between intention and action. This is a popular motivational, actionable self-management and decision-making Super Skills builder.

Feeling the Burn - Burn-Out Mitigation

“Burnout is characterized by emotional exhaustion, cynicism and ineffectiveness in the workplace, and by chronic negative responses to stressful workplace conditions.”

Source: https://www.workplacestrategiesformentalhealth.com/managing-workplace-issues/burnout-response

Stress Management is an often overlooked yet critical Super Skill! Our ability to handle stress leaks into every aspect of our lives and can cause even the most dedicated employee to crash and burn. Your group will learn to manage stress, avoid burn-out, and unlock new passion and drive in this dynamic speaking event.

Self-Compassion - The Grace of Space

“Self Compassion is key because when we’re able to be gentle with ourselves in the midst of shame, we are more likely to reach out, connect and experience empathy”  – Brene Brown

Learning to give ourselves the Grace of Space, compassion, and kindness has a ripple effect. This moving powerful class centers on improving team-work, conflict resolution, and interpersonal Super Skills.

Self-Care in the Workspace

Promoting wellness and self-care in the workplace leads to stronger morale, more productivity, less stress, and increased motivation, so why wouldn’t you want to give your workforce a few more “tools” to create a better environment?

Learning self-care in the workspace is a key component to creating more balance. This class is designed to help incorporate some tried and true self-care methods into the workplace, many based in mindfulness. 

Let’s face it, we spend more waking hours at work each day than we can at home so learning to work better with ourselves during those hours is a gift that can serve us long after we leave the office.

Other Speaking Opportunities

Lunch & Learns

From Super Skills development to team building, bring mindfulness into your workplace in a relevant, relatable way. And who doesn’t learn better over lunch?

These semi-casual presentations are designed to meet your staff where they are at and move them forward in a positive, fun, and effective way.

Choose from a variety of professional speaking topics or work with Jennifer to develop a custom presentation for your staff’s needs.


Private Group Workshops*

Get you and your “tribe” together for the ultimate girls night full of quality time, personal development, and new life skills. From inner peace to dealing with angst to juggling life changes, Jennifer offers a wide array of emotional learnings in an intimate setting.


*Ask about attendance and mileage requirements.


The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

When it comes to working with others, in-person or virtually, we express and receive appreciation in different ways. If you try to express appreciation in ways that aren’t meaningful to your co-workers, they may not feel valued at all. This is because you and your co-workers are speaking different languages. Jennifer, a certified course facilitator is ready to train individuals or groups in these proven principals in a variety of timeframe options.   

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We had Jennifer speak virtually at the NALS of Michigan 60th Annual Meeting and Educational Conference. Jennifer was professional, engaging, and extremely well prepared, providing a key note presentation to members all over the country. She touched on issues we as legal professionals are dealing with during these challenging times, providing tips and tricks to ensure we take care of ourselves — mind, body and soul. We received nothing but positive feedback from our membership following her presentation. Thank you, Jennifer, for providing us with a little piece of peace, even for just an hour.
Kathy Rood

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